We’ve been doing what we love since 1990

That is, we’ve been designing and delivering workplaces that enable culture for over three decades. Through the years we’ve helped all kinds of businesses inspire new ways of working by creating spaces that bring out the best in teams. We find the solution that brings the most value and that will stand the test of time as your business evolves.

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A message from our Managing Director

Archway began in 1990 as a small design and construct company in Brisbane. Workplace has constantly changed over the years and as the typical office has evolved, so too has the Archway team. Today, we’re a culture inspired workplace that enables culture in the spaces we create.  At a time when the world seemed to fall apart, it’s the strength of our people that kept us together. By supporting each other, our courage and determination has only grown stronger. 

The workplace as we know it may have changed, but our passion and alacrity is what continues to define us as a team. At Archway, you’re a part of a vision that builds tomorrow’s workplace, today. 

Steve Kirkpatrick

Our people, your team

We bring together the best strategists, designers and project managers to ensure a seamless end-to-end project delivery. Our in-house team are experts in uniting your physical environment, and the experiences it delivers, with your overarching company vision.

image of Clint Kearney
Clint Kearney
Site Supervisor
image of Ulani Macdonald
Ulani Macdonald
Contracts Administration
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Ben Abraham
Client Relations
image of Brian Meng
Brian Meng
Project Manager
image of Sophie Mann
Sophie Mann
Graphic Designer
image of Lin Zhang
Linh Zhang
image of Megan Lipsys
Megan Lipsys
image of Sarah Kirkpatrick
Sarah Kirkpatrick
iamge of Charlotte Kirkpatrick
Charlotte Kirkpatrick
Project Manager

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Our values are our difference

Empowering businesses through innovative workplace design means our projects are a source of great enjoyment. We create authentic experiences through cutting edge interior design and construction. Our eagerness to mobilise quickly and deliver when we say we will is what sets us apart. We maintain an open door policy, our name quite literally says it all. We believe that open communication strengthens relationships and ultimately leads to better outcomes. Most of all, we’re motivated by the continued success of our projects, which comes from a dedication to building strong, long lasting business relationships.

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We design and deliver spaces that enable culture

Guided by our values, we’re motivated by the prospect of a world where people are inspired by the spaces in which they work. We believe every business is unique. For us, performance is brought about by design that’s tailored to suit the specific dynamics of a team. We know that when people feel inspired by their physical environment and the experiences they have there, they’ll want to inspire others too.

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