Our 360° Service Offering

We offer a complete design and delivery service. This means we manage your entire project, from concept design through to the build and successful handover. Over the past 30 years we’ve perfected our end-to-end service offering. Our in-house project management and design team work collaboratively with a trusted network of highly skilled tradespeople to deliver seamless, high quality office fitouts. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your current space or moving to a completely new location, below are the services that will bring together a space that enables your workplace.

Project Management

Clear, transparent communication coupled with a deep understanding of project delivery is what underpins all of our projects. Throughout the duration of your project you’ll be guided by your one point of contact. Your dedicated project manager oversees the entire schedule and is responsible for keeping your project timeline on track and within budget. You’ll be invited to attend weekly meetings and be guided through each stage of the fitout process. We want to make sure your project is run as efficiently as possible, that’s why we include project management as part of our full service offering.

Space Planning

Creating a new space is a huge opportunity. One of our most vital services is to meet and undertake an in depth analysis of your business and your space. Space Planning focuses on optimising every inch of your available space. We go beyond aesthetic considerations to nail down the nature and purpose of your business. Thoughtful Space Planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process. Our in-house design team defines the zones of space and the activities that will take place in these zones. Your Space Plan will also consider the traffic patterns that depict how people will move throughout the space. The Space Plan includes important details such as furniture, equipment and hardware placement – all of these elements will be considered with the overarching nature and purpose of your business in mind.

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Interior Design

Our expert, in-house team of interior designers work to create modern spaces that foster your company’s aspirations, strategy and culture. Our design services begin with an initial concepting phase. We take inspiration from your brief and transform it into innovative, in depth design concepts. We work collaboratively to fine tune a design that reflects your vision, and provide recommendations for strategies to get the most out of your space in your final design.Through photo realistic imaging, you’ll be able to grasp a clear picture of how your designs will look and feel. We’re constantly striving to create unique, adaptable spaces that will enable your workplace to thrive through thoughtful interior design.

Furniture, Fitting & Equipment

Dedicating time to understand your furniture requirements is paramount to creating a fitout that enables your workplace. Our team can help define what existing furniture could be reused, and provide recommendations for the best investment choices moving forward. Our long standing relationships with quality furniture manufacturers allow us to access a huge catalogue of products on your behalf. Our design team will help with selecting the perfect colour, fabric and a myriad of other fine details. Our furnishing services work with the ideal that if something is done correctly, it’s done completely – down to the tiniest detail. We’ll help with selecting the perfect colour, fabric, fittings and trimmings.

Certifications & Approvals

Our entire project team has a deep understanding of certified systems and approval processes. Having worked across a wide range of industries, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, healthy and happy work environment for our staff and for yours. We provide centralised accountability, complete transparency, collaboration and clear communication at every stage of the project. Our end-to-end service includes organising all necessary approvals prior to the commencement of construction, allowing for an efficient build.

Commercial Construction

Our commercial construction services are founded on our dedication to a high quality build. Your project will be managed by our expert, in-house team, working collaboratively with a trusted network of experienced engineers, labourers and tradespeople. Our innovative designs are quickly brought to life through our bespoke construction solutions. As both your design and construction partner, we’ll be able to create a space that boasts function and style.

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We understand the importance of zero downtime as well as the continued operations of your business. We dedicate time in making sure you experience a smooth transition to your new office fitout. We can help prepare for your big move and enhance your corporate image by providing a seamless transition to your brand new space.

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